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How To Create the Best In-Location Experiences for Your Bar or Restaurant

Restaurants are more than a place to get a bite to eat. They’re places to gather with friends and family, celebrate special occasions, and see familiar faces. Make your customers next visit more than a meal by creating a better dining experience.

Bars and Restaurants retain customers and increase revenue with SEO Dealers, 'DigiSign'

Studies show that 86% of customers are willing to spend more for a better customer experience, and 84% of companies who improved their customers’ experience saw a boost in sales. Restaurants, bars, cafes, and other eateries are using DigiSign digital signage to improve customer experience, which means more revenue and more loyal customers. Here are some ways DigiSign will attract and engage your customers, causing them to come back again and again. 

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How Can DigiSign Create a Better Customer Experience?

B E F O R E    D I G I S I G N

Boring, static menu boards

A F T E R    D I G I S I G N
Crisp, dynamic digital menu boards 


Showcase your menus in HD and 4k with vivid visuals. Studies find that 83% of small business owners show an increase in revenue after adding digital signs. Static menu boards give little more than an item’s name and price, while digital menus allow for high-res, dynamic content that brings your menu to life, and gives you room to display nutritional information, add-ons, promotional and seasonal items, and more.

B E F O R E   D I G I S I G N 

Repetitive playlists, no music license

A F T E R    D I G I S I G N
Customized, licensed background music

Sick of boring playlists, repetitive songs, and off-brand music spoiling the mood? Control your atmosphere with custom music playlists you can set by genre or mood. Diners spend an average 23% more on food (and 51% more on drinks) when listening to background music. Raydiant’s Soundtrack Your Brand app lets you enjoy a 50 million-song library with all the latest hits. And since playlists are updated weekly, you and your customers won’t get sick of what’s playing. Worried about violating expensive copyright laws? There’s no music license needed with Raydiant.

B E F O R E    D I G I S I G N

Different locations, different brand voices

A F T E R    D I G I S I G N
Consistent messaging across locations

Every one of your locations should tell the same brand story. Maintain the same message across multiple locations with branded digital content that reflects your brand design and values. Consistency in branding increases revenue by an average of 23%. Digisign makes it easy to create branded content—including digital posters and videos—that can be shared across locations, and easily updated via the cloud from any internet-connected device.

B E F O R E    D I G I S I G N
Outdated menus, frustrated customers

A F T E R    D I G I S I G N
Efficient ordering, less wait time

Schedule dayparting and special menus and make menu updates easily—and in seconds—with Digisign. An easy-to-read, up-to-date menu means less confusion for customers, who won’t have the frustration of ordering items that are no longer offered or out of stock. This streamlines the ordering process, meaning shorter lines and less wait time. In fact, digital signage has been proven to decrease customers’ perceived wait times by 35%.

B E F O R E    D I G I S I G N
Static Images on in-house TV’s

A F T E R    D I G I S I G N
Hi-def social media walls

Scrap your DIY digital signage, with its outdated static images. Instead, display high-res Instagram photos on big screens in your restaurant. A reported 76% of U.S. customers purchased a product because of a brand’s social post. Use Digisign to display content from yours and your followers’ feeds, sharing photos and videos of customers enjoying a good time and enticing food. You can also use Digisign to automatically pull content from branded hashtag campaigns, for a constant influx of fresh content for your in-house displays.


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