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Cannabis Digital Marketing

Cannabis GeoFencing allows you to create custom fences around different locations, targeting users who are 21+ who have been in those fences within a specific timeframe. Target your competitors!

Why use Cannabis Device ID GeoFencing?

SEO Dealers provides a revolutionary way to advertise and promote your cannabis business with the use of Cannabis Device ID GeoFencing. This cutting-edge technology allows businesses to target potential customers with pinpoint accuracy, and deliver the right message at the right time. With the help of SEO Dealers, you can track customer’s movements, create custom campaigns based on their location, and even measure the effectiveness of your campaigns. SEO Dealers is the perfect solution for businesses looking to maximize their ROI and reach their target market with ease.


Location Targeting Options:

  • Our team will hand-draw a polygon around your desired location(s), pulling devices seen as recently as 3 days ago and as far back as one year. 
  • Quick-Select Option: Our team can pull devices from a quick-select category of business, which gathers device IDs from ‘all coffee shops’ as an example.

With our Device ID technology, we can provide an Audience Insight Report for location targeting. This is a demographic report for the users we have identified have been in the defined geofences. These reports tell us the consumer’s basic geographic data, visitor frequency, household income, and much more.  Now your client can figure out if the target audience is desirable and also use that information to run a programmatic display campaign. Foot Traffic Attribution Reports are also available with Device ID. Devices that were in your target audience used during the campaign and that were also seen in the point of interest are represented in this report, and counted as visitors attributed to the campaign. Talk about incredible ROI!

Why use Cannabis Programmatic Display?

There is no better way to reach new potential customers than with cannabis programmatic display advertising. Simply put – these are the ads that follow you around based on what you research, read about and buy. “Programmatic” can be a bit of a black box, but we make it easy with our bundled cannabis blend. This combines the power of demographic, geographic, and behavioral targeting with a retargeting ad group to engage new users and then serve them ads after they leave your site. Targeting segments can include everything from age, gender, household income to interest in holistic medicine. Our cannabis blend puts your campaign’s best foot forward to produce results and draw in new customers who are already interested in your products. The dynamic ad units allow you to introduce your brand to these interested customers and retarget them with messages to take action. Each impression counts – reaching relevant potential customers. And then, you can also measure engagement through clicks and potential conversion tracking, if applicable.

Help Your Product Stand Out!

SEO Dealers is an award-winning technology and digital marketing company that helps main street businesses compete with Madison Avenuelevel marketing solutions. Our proprietary digital agency software solution supports our partners in scaling sales, operations, and reporting, all within a single toolkit. Our team of 95 digital experts are driven and purposeful in executing our company’s mission. All campaigns are processed, managed, and optimized through our award-winning operations team at SEO Dealers. our operations team members are compensated based on the success of your campaigns, so they’re highly incentivized to make frequent optimizations that tie campaign success to our own success.



Cannabis Targeted Display Case Study

Do my ads only run on cannabis content specific websites?

No, we are able to run on any website as long as they accept cannabis related ads.

How many impressions are included in this campaign?

We will serve 100,000 impressions per month at the starting price for this product.

What is site retargeting and how is it executed?

Site retargeting is sending ads to unique visitors that have been to the advertiser’s website. A pixel must be placed on the advertiser’s website in order to execute site retargeting. We always recommend placing a pixel early so that we have time to gather a pool of unique visitors to initiate site retargeting when a campaign goes live.

Do you create the display ads?

Not included in this package, but our Digital Creative: Ads product can build or create the display ads for an extra fee.

Are there any creative restrictions?

Yes, the ad creative cannot show cannabis products or use the word "marijuana". The ad must include the company's name and logo, and must link to the company's website.

What countries are supported?

United States and Canada. It is up to the advertiser to ensure they are following all local and federal laws when it comes to advertising for cannabis.

Ready to start your cannabis marketing? We can customize any package!

Cannabis Starter Bundle

$ 3,000 *Month
  • 100,000 Impressions
  • Demographic Targeting
  • Behavioral Targeting
  • Ad Creative Designed by Our Team
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