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Cannabis Targeted Display is designed to deliver ads to your target market using geographic, demographic, and behavioral targeting, while ensuring that these users are 21+.

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Why use Cannabis Programmatic Display?

There is no better way to reach new potential customers than with cannabis programmatic display advertising. Simply put – these are the ads that follow you around based on what you research, read about and buy. “Programmatic” can be a bit of a black box, but we make it easy with our bundled cannabis blend. This combines the power of demographic, geographic, and behavioral targeting with a retargeting ad group to engage new users and then serve them ads after they leave your site. Targeting segments can include everything from age, gender, household income to interest in holistic medicine. Our cannabis blend puts your campaign’s best foot forward to produce results and draw in new customers who are already interested in your products. The dynamic ad units allow you to introduce your brand to these interested customers and retarget them with messages to take action. Each impression counts – reaching relevant potential customers. And then, you can also measure engagement through clicks and potential conversion tracking, if applicable.

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Do my ads only run on cannabis content specific websites?

No, we are able to run on any website as long as they accept cannabis related ads.

How many impressions are included in this campaign?

We will serve 100,000 impressions per month at the starting price for this product.

What is site retargeting and how is it executed?

Site retargeting is sending ads to unique visitors that have been to the advertiser’s website. A pixel must be placed on the advertiser’s website in order to execute site retargeting. We always recommend placing a pixel early so that we have time to gather a pool of unique visitors to initiate site retargeting when a campaign goes live.

Do you create the display ads?

Not included in this package, but our Digital Creative: Ads product can build or create the display ads for an extra fee.

Are there any creative restrictions?

Yes, the ad creative cannot show cannabis products or use the word "marijuana". The ad must include the company's name and logo, and must link to the company's website.

What countries are supported?

United States and Canada. It is up to the advertiser to ensure they are following all local and federal laws when it comes to advertising for cannabis.


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